NYSIM = Equipment

The center has over 24 high tech adult and child mannequins, an array of partial task trainers and over 52 cameras and microphones for effective learning. View all of our equipment on this page and please use the dropdown to filter and the keyword search as well.

Name (Alphabetical) Manufacturer Quantity Specifications
AirSim Airway Training Heads Advanced 10
AirSim Airway Training Heads Cric 2
AirSim Airway Training Heads Infant 2
AirSim Airway Training Heads Pediatric 8
Blue Phantom Transvaginal Ultrasound Model/Ectopic Pregnancy 1
Draeger Apollo 1
Draeger Babylog VN500 Ventilator 1
Draeger Caleo Incubator 1
Draeger Evita V500 Ventilator 1
Dreager BabyTherm Infant Warmer 1
EAR Examination Simulator 2
Exam table
EYE Examination Simulator 2
EZ-IO Drill 5
Fabius GS Premium 1
Fabius Tiro 1
Gaumard Complete Catheterization Simulator 1
Glidescope AVL Adult and Pediatric (single use Glidescope GVL Adult (reusable) 8
Glidescope Direct Blade
Glidescope Ranger
Guldmann Lift 2
Intraosseous Needle Placement 2
Laerdal Mamma Natalie Birthing Simulator 3
Large Left Foot / Ankle Injection Model 2
Large Left Injection Hip Model 1
Large Left Knee Injection Model 2
Large Left Shoulder Injection Model 2
Large Left Wrist Injection Model 2
Life/form Chest Tube Mannequin 1
Life/form Prostate Examination Simulator 5
Lifepak 12 Defibrillator 5
Limbs & Things Breast Exam Trainer 1
Limbs & Things Prompt Birthing Simulator 1
Limbs and Things Pelvis Exam Trainer 3
M-Turbo Ultrasound Machine 3
Nanomaxx Ultrasound Machine 5
NewBorn Hal S3010 Gaumard 1
Noelle Gaumard 1
Noelle Gaumard 1
Pedi Hal S3005 Gaumard 2 View
Pericardiocentesis Simulator with Chest Tube and Pneumothorax 1
Peripheral IV Task Trainers Adult 20
Peripheral IV Task Trainers Pediatric 10
PICC Vascular Access Ultrasound Training Model/Deep Brachial Trainer 2
Pre-Mature Anne Laerdal Medical 2 View
Ritter 354 Procedure Lights 4
Ritter Examination Lamp 6
Sim Baby Laerdal Medical 4 View
Sim NewB Laerdal Medical 1 View
SimMan 3G Laerdal Medical 4 View
SimMan 3G Laerdal Medical 1 View
SimMan 3G Laerdal Medical 1 View
SimMan Essential Laerdal Medical 3 View
SimMom Laerdal Medical 2 View
SIMULAB CentraLineMan 8
SIMULAB Lumbar Puncture/Epidural Trainer 3
SIMULAB Paracentesis Model 1
SIMULAB Perineal Repair Trainer 2
SIMULAB Thoracentesis Model 2
Thyroid Biopsy Ultrasound Training Model 1
Ventriloscope 1
Welch Allyn Otoscope
Welch Allyn Panoptic Opthalmoscope
Welch Allyn Sphyngomanometer