Adjacent to the lounge are four classrooms. Each holds approximately 20 people. The two on the north side are seperated by a retractable wall. When the wall is raised the class size can be expanded to 50 to 60 participants. All of the classrooms have state of the art smart boards, audio visual aides, and teleconferencing equipment.

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Podium with a mic.

Two JBL speakers in each room.

Two rooms with a Smart Board for interactive presentations and an extra projection screen.

Two rooms with a Smart Podium for interactive presentation without having to leave the podium.

Two rooms with Polycom Teleconferencing capabilities.

Moveable desks and chairs for different conference or classroom configurations.

Touch panel for projection control.

HDMI and VGA input for classroom projection.

Wireless Lapel mics for free movement within the classroom during a presentation.

EMS's AV Viewer for video playback , live streaming to another room and recording.

Windows 7 workstation in each classroom.